2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Small Business Style

I don’t think I need to stress how important small businesses are to the eco-system of this world. To America. To the states, cities, and towns we call home. Small businesses make this world go ’round (99.9% of businesses in the U.S. are classified as small businesses). They always have. And I pray they always […]


I Don’t Give a #!%98! About Your Hashtag Strategy

Puh-lease, forget the #besthashtags until you’ve figured out the most important aspects of your brand.


3 Things to Think About When Planning Your 2020 Holiday Campaigns

In a year that feels like we’re somehow all still stuck in the wackiness of March, yet find ourselves nearing the end of August, the thought of holiday campaigns as a small product based business can feel a biiiiittt more overwhelming than the usual holiday season. But here we are. It’s August and it’s officially […]

Holiday 2020 Campaign Tips for Small Businesses


3 Ways Product Based Brands Can Use Instagram Reels

Feeling stumped on how to use the new Instagram Reels as a product based business? I gotcha, my friend!

How to Use Instagram Reels as Product Based Business


Why Your Marketing is Even More Important During a Recession

As a small business owner, your marketing budget should be one of the very last, if not THE, last things to go during a recession.

Marketing In a Recession


An Exciting Little Tease

I know, I know, teases are kind of… just that – a tease. A little bit suspenseful, a little bit annoying, a little bit exciting, a little bit like “just tell me already!” And tell you I will. SOON! I’ve got big news to share – and it’s some beautiful big news. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But for […]