What is Heart Mapping?

May 10, 2023

If you’ve been around these parts for longer than, oh say two minutes, you’ve seen me speak to my signature Heart Mapping Method many, many times.

Which means you’ve also thought “What is Heart Mapping?”

I gotchu. Let’s dive into it!

Heart Mapping is pretty simple, actually.

It’s empathy-based marketing, and it’s my method for getting you to the good stuff.

When I take clientfriends through the Heart Mapping Method, the end result is always a custom messaging and marketing roadmap that doesn’t rely on gimmicks, growth hacks or algorithms, or even specific platforms.

‘Cause that stuff? It might be good for clickbait articles, but the latest ‘trending song’ for Reels isn’t gonna stand the test of time.

Radical empathy is the foundation of everything I stand for and create around here.

“Okayyyy…” you might be thinking. What does that actually mean, though? Another good question. 🙂

For most of my life, essentially since I could write, I’ve constantly heard from others how my writing has made them feel. And usually, what they were feeling was exactly what I wanted the reader to feel when I set out to write whatever it was they just read.

I didn’t realize it growing up, but I was using radical empathy to fuel my writing.

Whether I was writing a story about an awkward pre-teen at the pool (true stor[ies]) or the pain of losing my big brother when I was fifteen years old, I approached every creative project through the lens of empathy first.

I still do.

Fast forward lots of years now, and the way I approach a brand’s messaging and marketing strategy is no different. Empathetic marketing is at the root of it all.

The Heart Mapping Method shows you how to market from a place of radical empathy and purpose, so you can connect and convert more deeply, more honestly, and more naturally with your audience.

Because viral dance moves and trending songs AREN’T what moves your audience to follow, purchase, and stay around for the long haul.

It’s WHAT you’re putting out. Not HOW.

This is what so many gurus and tips and tricks focus on – how to create a reel, how to use this trending song, how to grow 10x faster, blahblahblah.

None of that matters if you don’t know WHY your customer cares to begin with.

And, dare I say it, once you DO understand how to use empathy to speak to your customer, none of that matters.

‘Cause what you’ll be creating speaks so clearly to them that the format – reel, post, carousel, tiktok, email, Pinterest pin, blog post, etc etc etc – doesn’t matter as much anymore.

So, we start with why your customer cares.

And I don’t necessarily mean why do they care about you.

Because they don’t.

Your customer cares about themselves first and foremost.

What they’re struggling with. What’s keeping them up at night, what’s the first thing their mind goes to when they wake up in the morning, what are they subconsciously thinking of when stopped at a red light, what do they wish for more than anything – this is what matters to your customer.

And if your product fits within their struggles, anxiety, dreams, plans, goals, etc.?

That’s beautiful. That’s where the magic happens – when you know how to speak to them and how to market from THAT place – the place that they need.

It’s an incredible thing to create a product and build a brand that people need, enjoy, or love.

But, to your customers, your product isn’t the guiding light.

At least not at first.

Their [insert problem/goal/etc here] is.

THAT’S where and why your brand and customer Heart Maps come into such an important play.

When you know WHAT AND WHY, down to the tiniest detail, is driving them, and where your product intersects, then you can create marketing materials with EASE.

It’s no longer a guessing game of what to say or how to say it or what to market when or how to do it.

I fully believe every brand needs to go through my Heart Mapping Method at least once.

But, lemme be clear:

It’s not magic. It’s not a marketing hack.

It’s simple – it’s human, it’s empathy, it’s truth.

It’s the point where your deep mission and beliefs meet your customer’s deep mission and beliefs, where your heart meets theirs.

And it’s the messaging and marketing roadmap that applies to every area of your business and stands the test of time.

If you’re struggling to climb out of the marketing rut, it would be my honor to do Heart Mapping with you.

Click here to send me an email. It’s way past time you feel confident in your marketing and sure of what the heck to say.