Why Your Marketing is Even More Important During a Recession

As a small business owner, your marketing budget should be one of the very last, if not THE, last things to go during a recession.

Marketing In a Recession


The Key to Creating Content Your Instagram Followers Actually Want

As a small business, Instagram can be your very best marketing tool to date.

But I believe there’s one big secret to “success” on the platform. And it’s a “secret” that is rarely utilized by most businesses on the platform, but it can make all the difference in the results you see. I’m breaking it all down for you with a good ole freebie workbook.


July Inspiration Calendar

There’s something about this month, nestled in between June and August, where it really feels like summer is alive, like the days stretching out before you were made for lemonade, dreaming and scheming (now is a perfect time to reassess your business goals for the remainder of the year), and truly taking in the summer.


3 Things To Focus On In Your Marketing in 2018

If you’re a small business owner, you most likely know that your marketing efforts take, well, a lot of effort. Between the ever-changing Instagram algorithms, the getting-harder-and-harder-to-reach-your-audience-Facebook, Pinterest, your blog, your website, your email newsletters – it’s a lot. Like a whole hanky doodle lot.


Why you NEED to up your holiday photo game this year

Yo, honey, time is tickin’ and it’s practically Thanksgiving next week, so I’m just going to dive right in okay? Let’s go, here it is, listen up.


Why You Don’t Need Another Course & What To Do Instead

Fair warning to the masses: Some (or, you know, quite possibly all) of the following article will piss some of you off. And that’s okay with me.