An Exciting Little Tease

I know, I know, teases are kind of… just that – a tease. A little bit suspenseful, a little bit annoying, a little bit exciting, a little bit like “just tell me already!” And tell you I will. SOON! I’ve got big news to share – and it’s some beautiful big news. 😉 But for […]


Digital Marketing Strategies for Product Businesses: Proof to Product Podcast

I sat down with Katie Hunt on the Proof to Product podcast to talk about misconceptions that creative entrepreneurs have around marketing, how I’ve helped one clientfriend increase their wholesale sales by 250%. Katie & I also discuss why fewer emails are often-times more impactful, why you don’t need to be focusing on all of the social media platforms.


What Do You Do?: An Interview With Myself

It’s a question we’re all asked pretty constantly, especially if we’re venturing off and meeting new people regularly: “what do you do?”