2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Small Business Style

I don’t think I need to stress how important small businesses are to the eco-system of this world. To America. To the states, cities, and towns we call home. Small businesses make this world go ’round (99.9% of businesses in the U.S. are classified as small businesses). They always have. And I pray they always […]


An Exciting Little Tease

I know, I know, teases are kind of… just that – a tease. A little bit suspenseful, a little bit annoying, a little bit exciting, a little bit like “just tell me already!” And tell you I will. SOON! I’ve got big news to share – and it’s some beautiful big news. 😉 But for […]


2018 Year in Review

OH, 2018!

You sure were a year.

Let’s celebrate all of the shenanigans, growth, and joy of the past year a bit with a look back at 2018, Verb House Creative + clientfriend style.


An Ode to Starbucks. Again.

I have learned many, many business lessons from being a loyal customer of Starbucks and from observing the way the company does its thing for so many years. And I am constantly impressed and constantly learning from this company. I shared my latest lesson ( / reminder) on Instagram this week and thought it was fitting to reshare here.


Updates, updates, updates all around!

Well my golly goodness, it’s December. I don’t think I need to ask you if you can believe that, because based off the conversations I’ve been having with my fellow humans lately, no. No one can believe that it’s actually December.


The Live More, Scroll Less Summer Pledge

We’ve got ice cream to eat (anyone else strictly a vanilla fan?!), cool water to swim in, adventures and late night heart-to-hearts to be had, early morning coffees on the porch, lightning bug marvels, qualities to be discovered, and a summer to be lived. We’ve got to live more and scroll less this summer.