Why Your Content Matters More & More These Days

September 8, 2019

In a social media world where attention spans are non-existent and where authentic engagement rules and algorithms rule even harder, your content has to be top-freaking-notch, baby.

You do it on the daily, your best friend does it on the daily, your partner does it on the daily, even your mama does it on the daily… Scrolls, scrolls, scrooollllllssss, and scrolls some more, aaaaand some more.

If I was the doctor type, I’d sure as heck be a hand doctor (What are those even called? It’s a good thing I went the creative route, huh?), ’cause there’s gonna be lotttssss of people needing thumb surgeries in the future.

When you’re on one of those scrolling sprees, what actually stops you in your scroll? What was it about that specific post that made you stop? That stood out enough that it grabbed your very short attention span and actually made you stop, look, and read?

Was it the photo or the headline? What is full of emotion or was it hilarious? Did it “feel salesy” or genuine, like your best friend could have posted it?

These are things the average scroller rarely thinks about, but are what I spend my entire days thinking through for each clientfriend we serve – WHAT is going to stop their customer in her track?

Because they and we and you don’t have the time or resources to put out mediocre content. Mediocre content is not what’s going to stop anyone in their scroll.

Each piece of content we, and you, put out needs to be top-notch.

And by content I mean every single thing you put out into this digital world – every single thaaaang.

Every bit of copy you use to communicate, from email to Instagram to your website, of course.

Every photo, graphic, and Insta Story you post. Every photo you include in your emails (you ARE sending email newsletters out, right?). Every visual you deploy to represent your brand.

All of it. All of your content needs to be top-notch. Or it simply won’t do.

It won’t stop them. It won’t cause them to read, or think, or take action. It won’t convert. It won’t cause them to send it to their friends or mama or sister.

So-so content won’t do a gosh darn thing.

And I think you know as much as I do how time-consuming it is to create content on the regular, so if you’re using those resources – whether they be time, financial, or energetic – you better not be wasting them on content that isn’t connecting, that isn’t converting, that isn’t stopping the scroll monster that now lives inside us all.

Think about it. Think about what content they actually care about. Take notes. Save every single thing that resonates with you yourself and study it – why did it grab your limited attention? Why did you stop and read? Was it the tone of their writing? Was it the image itself? Become a content connoisseur.

Your content will make you or break you these days, babycakes.

Make sure it’s building you up every single day.

Stella Chroma Brand Photography - Bespoke Content Club

And because no good post is complete without a good looking image, here’s one from our January photoshoot inside Bespoke Content Club for small biz lady extraordinaire Stella Chroma.

Read more about Bespoke Content Club, the only custom marketing + content membership for product-based business, right over here. Cause this whole content creation thing? It’s a full-time job, we know. And you aren’t meant to do it alone. No no no.

Alright, over and out!

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