Don't leave your holiday email marketing until the last minute again.

Email marketing is consistently the number one driver of traffic and sales. During the holiday season? Those sales numbers & conversions skyrocket.

But if you're anything like most of the small businesses we know, you barely start thinking about holiday until late October, your 'plan' is a few newsletters thrown together before the clock strikes 12, mixed in with a lot of crossed fingers and extra, unnecessary stress.

Not this year.

This is the year you prioritize your email channels. This is the year you get serious about having a solid plan, and having it in time and not at the last minute.

This is the year you see those "oh-my-gosh-I-can't-believe-it" sales results from your holiday email campaigns.

Your customers are still excited to buy. Are you ready to sell - with empathy, fun, and heart?

You DO have to act.
You DO have to have a plan.
You DO have to approach your marketing from a place of empathy and connection - and the inbox is the perfect place to do so, especially during the holiday season when your customer's are even more eager to buy and gift.

Don't let the noise scare you. your sales don't have to be down this year. you don't have to stay fearful & frustrated.

Feel SO much relief knowing that you're walking into the holiday season with an expert strategy, plan, and roadmap

Choose from an all-in-one, done-for-you package or go with the done-with-you route - either way you’ll walk away with your entire holiday marketing strategy - designed to connect and convert, primed to sell, and ready to push your business forward into 2023 with peace - not panic.

snag your spot now!

stand confidently in your messaging, products, and brand

Be able to focus on all the other holiday demands, knowing that your biggest and best sales channel is taken care of

Partner with us to take care of your ecommerce email marketing this holiday season and

 (Like Michelle did last year, with 45% conversion + $85,000+ in sales)




"I want you know that I am truly floored by how beautiful this is! The photos are gorgeous and the copy is better than anything I could have imagined. It’s exactly what I hoped for."

Double, double


"My retail sales doubled in Q4. I'm so grateful to you for your help making this happen."

And in your business, I have a feeling that isn't painfully creating five more Reels, obsessing over algorithm changes or your lack of engagement, or pining for the good ole days of easy Instagram marketing.

Email is one of the most underutilized marketing channels.

Which means there's an ocean of room for YOU to show up and impress your customers. 

It's time to double down on what's actually working.

Psst - There's us, up above, your happy and fun marketing partners! Get ready for a good time!