a very quick look at what's happenin' right now

- VIP Weeks... Or basically, what feels like my biggest and boldest and God-given strengths wrapped up in my signature, and most fun, service. I'm booking now for late March and freakin' love this way of working with clientfriends. I truly think every business out there needs this service, this way of laying their foundation, of simplifying their marketing yet making it ten times stronger.
- A rebrand (!) and slight restructuring of KateMaxStock, the business I purchased from my dear clientfriend last January (happy one year of owning KMS, to me!)

- The twins, the twins, the twins. Gah. I love them. They're at a silly fun stage right now. And they basically potty trained themselves over Christmas break - what. a. win!
- Sleep! Always sleep. In bed by 8pm every night, yes'm and please.
- My 4:30am morning routine and time to myself... This is my bliss (and also the root of my grandma status bedtime)
- My new walking desk my hubs built for our treadmill. It's been a game changer.

Usually nothing, but I did randomly come across the Netflix series "Imposters." It's so stupid it's great.

I'll be honest here... The last three books I've downloaded on my new(ish) Kindle have taken me three months to get through 'cause each time I try to read 'em at night, I fall asleep with the kindle in my hands. So right now, I am reading nothing. How sad!! This makes me sad. Someone tell me what to read next, please?

Grief and joy. Always, And how strange and beautiful it is to feel both every second of the day.

I last updated this page on January 15, 2021; NOW page inspired by Derek Sivers. Kind of fun, huh?