a very quick look at what's happenin' right now

- New, clarified 2023 offering. This one has been literally years in the making.
- Email Marketing clients!
- Wrapping up four beautiful years in my downtown studio. I decided to move out at the end of the year - mixed feelings!

- TEAM VHC!! Amanda and Caroline are HUGE blessings - two roles and people I both prayed for and worked my ass off for for years and to be able to have them on the VHC team and blessing clientfriends like they do makes me giddy every day.
- THE BRAND NEW BABY!!!!!!!!!!! Ah. Newborn/infant life... I can 100% confidently say I was created for this.
- Those wild four year old twins of ours are getting more fun, more intelligent, more dynamic with each passing day. They're the best.

- Absolutely nothing. Newborn life got me like "ooohh ahhh, sleep!"

- Too forgetful to remember right now, but it was good!!!

Grief and joy. Always, And how strange and beautiful it is to feel both every second of the day.

I last updated this page on November 28, 2022; NOW page inspired by Derek Sivers. Kind of fun, huh?