a very quick look at what's happenin' right now

- VIP Marketing Strategy Weeks, my absolute favorite way to work with clientfriends. We're booking for mid-October onwards... send me an email now!
- Email Marketing clients!
- Summer & Fall Photoshoot for sister brand, Stock House 

- TEAM VHC!! Amanda and Caroline are HUGE blessings - two roles and people I both prayed for and worked my ass off for for years and to be able to have them on the VHC team and blessing clientfriends like they do makes me giddy every day.
- The twins - they'll be four this summer and get more and more fun every day.
- Raspberry popsicles... I'm addicted
- Blackberries, nectarines... all the fruit
- Daily pool sessions
- Being pregnant! I really love being pregnant and I'm trying to really soak up this last pregnancy before bebe makes their earthside debut :)

- Meh, nothing. Too tired at night. Got any good recs? OH! We did just finish The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix - was good!

- All the non-fiction right now. My brain needs a break and I keep devouring Colleen Hoover's books in hours.
- Free Time by Jenny Blake. Business. Changing.

Grief and joy. Always, And how strange and beautiful it is to feel both every second of the day.

I last updated this page on June 23, 2022; NOW page inspired by Derek Sivers. Kind of fun, huh?