3 Ways Product Based Brands Can Use Instagram Reels

August 10, 2020

If you’re anything like most of my clientfriends, the recent roll out of Instagram Reels this last week made you lose your mind and throw your hands up in the air.

And NOT in glee. More like in “oh-my-gosh-i-can’t-learn-one-more-dang-thing-and-this-is-just-like-stupid-tiktok-isn’t- it?-ugh!”

Sound familiar?

I know, I get it.

How to Use Instagram Reels as Product Based Business

For a small product based business, the idea of adding yet one more thing to your plate makes your shoulders ache.

There’s already too many social media platforms to keep up with and you’re already behind on sending out that email newsletter and you still haven’t reached out to your wholesalers, right?

Right. I know. Again, I really do get it.

But, the introduction of Instagram Reels to the U.S. can be SUCH A GOOD THING for you product based businesses it’s not even FUNNAY!

Okay, it might be just a tiny bit funny when you find yourself fumbling around with the new feature within Instagram and feeling like an ancient and very unhip ninety year old when really you’re actually a pretty cool 32 year old. Or at least you think you’re pretty cool…

(for the record, I do think you’re pretty cool)

Anyways, back to the Instagram Reels conundrum you now find yourself facing.

You can thank Gen Z for this (and for bringing back all the ugly trends of the early nineties, too. yay.), but video isn’t going anywhere, and the fun, casual, silly nature of TikTok (what IG Reels is ripped from) has them captivated. They’re also wildly creative and clever, so here’s the thing….

Don’t try to be like gen z. Definitely, definitely, definitely don’t compare yourself to them (or to their videos).

Instead just embrace the awkwardness of learning Instagram Reels and get right down to it.

I’m not here to teach you all the ins and outs of the new feature or how to become a Reels star. This is definitely not the “Ultimate Guide to Instagram Reels.” No, no, I suggest you look to Later for that info.

However, I am here to kick you in the bum with 3 EASY (promise) ideas and prompts to get you started on Instagram Reels as a product based business.

You ready or what, my friend?


Got a really beautiful blouse just in? Perfect! Throw that cute thing on your cute associate (or eh em, yourself!) and show three different ways to style it based on your target customers.

Same with those cute shoes, that new fedora that just came in and that really beautiful new art print. Same art print, three different frames, three different styles.

Same greeting card, three different times to send the card to someone. Ex: – when you miss them, when they just got engaged, when they find out they’re expecting. Same card – three reasons they need it.



a la what we did here for Belle & Union Co., the most charming gift shop in San Antonio.

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My home away from home. ✨

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This can, and perhaps should, be a pretty regular little feature under your Reels. Anytime you change up the displays, you rearrange the studio, you clean it (seriously, that should be documented), whip out the phone, hop on Instagram Reels and give us a fun peek at the space.

Easy, peasy, done!


Listen, it pains me to say this, but we’re getting a little bored these days. (I know, I really am cringing as I type this). We like and want to see products introduced to us in fun new ways, and we want to experience the product in more than just a static post (which I truly still love and believe in, don’t get me wrong).

Instagram Reels allows you to showoff your products way more and way more casually. Do a round up of the best gifts for mom this Christmas, the best greeting cards to send to your BFF when you forget her birthday, the best soaps to relax with after a long day. Or simply this week’s best sellers. Ya get my drifty drift here?

Donezo! Woohoo!

It’s most likely going to feel a bit wobbly at first, but don’t let the learning bumps keep you down too long. You’ve got this, my friend.

And if you’d love more ideas on making the most of Instagram Reels as a product business, send me a DM on Instagram at @verbhousecreative. I love nothing more than brainstorming great content!

Until then!

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