Eh errrmm.. just like your VIP Day, let's get right to it. You know... cut to the chase. Straight to the chorus. Right into the encore. Alright, you get it, you get it...

You’ve sat back on your haunches long enough. Let’s get it done. And let’s get it done in one day.

Cause you, my brilliant-but-thinking-too-much-about-it lady, need to fly already. So if you’re serious about getting out of the shadows and finally tired of running around in those dizzying circles, our VIP Intensive is for you.

From your marketing strategy to your messaging, let's do the dang thing. 

Intensive: concentrated on a single subject or into a short time
(what you need now)

(that's you)

What's your dang thing? 

You don’t know how to reach your ‘ideal audience.’ You’re so tired of hearing about ‘ideal audiences.’ You hate wasting so much time on Instagram and not getting those Shopify sale alerts non-stop. You hate the green-eyed-monster in your belly who roars it’s jealous little head when you stalk your competition on Instagram.

A heart-centered, actually legitimate marketing plan so you know exactly what the heck to do, say, and when.. That’s the dang thing you need.

You hate writing (or, um, attempting to write), you hate staring at the computer screen and feeling lost, you hate the knot in your stomach that always appears when you try to write about your products or your brand or yourself. You’re tired of the headache and feeling like an imposter with all those words and thoughts and thangs swirling around in your head.

Copywriting. That actually reaches deep into your audiences soul and gets you mo' monay in your pockets. That’s the dang thing you need.

Say oh, thank goodness to the day you've been waiting for.

- My signature Heart of Why Method so you'll  always understand what your audience wants and needs
- Copy that connects + converts. Choose from:
    - website copy rewrites (3 complete pages)
    - email copy rewrites (1o emails)
    - brand messaging guide + audience deep  dive

MY WORDs keep fallin' FLAT

my marketing feels as outdated as 98°. halp!

- My signature Heart of Why Method so you'll always understand what your audience wants and needs
- Digital Marketing Strategy covering Instagram and Email Marketing
- Three month Instagram Editorial Calendar
- Three month Email Marketing Calendar
- 10 Custom Instagram Captions so you can see the Heart of Why method applied in real (virtual) life

You don’t have to, and weren’t meant to, do this on your own.
so let's do it together and let's do it now. cause you needed it yesterday.

Whether you need my eyeballs and brain on your marketing strategy or my speedy fingers and charm on your copy, our day will start with us going deep and walking through my signature HeartParty method together, which allows us to lay the foundation (in concrete, not dirt, mind you) that will carry you from confused and cloudy to clear-as-the-waters-of-St-Tropez... 'cause once you figure out where your own heart intersects with your customer's heart, it's a gosh dang vibrant party. Ready to turn up the Beyoncé and shake your boo-tay? Pick your jam below!

Your VIP Intensive Marketing day means we'll create a marketing strategy that you can actually understand and implement.

You'll walk away with:

During your VIP Intensive, we'll whip that troublesome copy of yours into tip-top partying shape. You get to choose specifics. 

You'll walk away with:

After you book and pay the 50% deposit for your VIP day, I'll do my happy dance and then I'll send you our beloved client questionnaire, which will kick off our day and intensive together. Think of it as a little bit of homework before we start dancing together.

We'll get our day scheduled and on the books.

Once your VIP day rolls around, we'll meet for an hour or so in the morning over a Zoom call to work through my signature method, bright eyes, coffee in hand, hearts open and ready.

After our call, you can jet off for a personal day, an inspiration day, a day of work or play or whatever you want (you're the boss), and I'll get down to work.

If needed, we'll meet again mid-day to go over materials and check in with each other.

We'll wrap the day up with another Zoom call together (perhaps a glass of red in hand this time) and go over all final deliverables from your Intensive.

You'll walk away at the end of the day with a buzz, an actually do-able marketing plan or completed new copy in hand (finally!) and a better understanding of both yourself and your audience. Time for you to happy dance, now!

Here's How Your VIP Day Will Go Down:

Your head literally hurts with all the ideas swirling around in there. It's like they're playin' bumper cars against the edges of your brain, trying their damndest to crash through that thick skull and out into the real world, where it's bright and shiny and they can finally get the limelight they deserve. Dang, those little thoughts are powerful, huh? *oof!* The brilliant thought who's ridin' pretty in the pink Porscha just rammed your frontal lobe. Ouch.

You're plum tired of your awesomeness not translating over to sales, fulfillment (in your soul, not your warehouse) and an audience.

You're also plum tired of your own B.S. and want to get this done clearly and correctly and joyfully right. freakin', now.

You know not taking care of this properly is costing you way too much. Sales, peace of mind, confidence, visibility, time, just to name a few daily struggles.

You're so tired of doubting yourself and not ever moving forward.

You want to skip the line, jump over the waitlist, and get this figured out STAT! Enough waiting and delaying, already - gah!


Okay, Allie, of course I want to be a VIP, but how do I know this is right for me?

Ah, right. The old back-and-forth-back-and-forth-whoa-here-comes-the-whiplash! conundrum. Let's fix that.

Noddin' your head like, yeah?

I know. I getcha and I gotcha. Let's make way already.

Working with Allie and her team is magical- she takes the time to dive deep into my brand and sees my vision and hears my brand voice.

She takes my words and thoughts and turns them into exactly what I tried to articulate but could not.

She is kind, patient, and very talented. Working with Verb House Creative has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made! 




What Clientfriends Say

VIP Intensives are on a first-come-first-served basis (and there are only two spots a month, yo), so if you're ready to make magic together, please get in touch with us ASAP, babycakes.

Ready to boogie?

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