How To Easily Increase Online Shop Sales With These 3 Tips

March 28, 2022

Well me oh my, here we are – sitting anxiously on the porch and about to knock on the big ole door of Q2. I know, I’m going to spare you the “Wait, wasn’t it just Christmas? New Years? Valentine’s Day” hullabaloo and just accept the fact that time passes with lightening speed and here we are: Hi Q2!

However you feel about the passing of time, there’s one thing I’m fairly confident on:

You want to increase those online shop sales of yours in the coming months.


1.) Who doesn’t? Increased e-comm sales ain’t ever something to complain about!

And 2.) if you’re like any smaller e-commerce brand in 2022 , you’re seeing the effects of social media slow way the heck down.

Like, to the speed of dripping molasses, perhaps.

And, eh em, there’s a reason why, when working 1:1 with our clientfriends, we never rely solely on Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever the latest social craze is. A marketing strategy that works day, weeks, months, years out includes other mediums – email marketing, SMS marketing, referral program, a strong web presence, etc.

Which brings me to my point here:

Increase your e-comm sales in Q2 with these three easy to implement strategies:

Update Your Homepage

This one seems basic enough, right?

You would think, yet it’s baffling just how many smaller e-comm brands neglect their homepage. I’m talking it’s basically April and I’ve seen way.too.many websites that still say something along the lines of “Ring in the New Year with us!”

PEOPLE! It’s currently March/April 2022. If your homepage banner and hero images, supporting product images, and headlines and copy don’t reflect the current season (Spring in the U.S.), then please, I beg you – update your homepage immediately.

This is the quickest and easiest fix you can do immediately.

You have literally about two seconds to capture your visitor’s attention – for the love of your bottom line and your credibility, please ensure your homepage and what they’re seeing above the fold is interesting, seasonally appropriate, and applicable to what they actually care about.

Prioritize High-Quality, Engaging Photos

I’ve been yelling this one from the rooftops since I was in high school (and before social media as we currently know it even existed – you are quite welcome for the aging of myself there), yet it somehow still needs repeating every week:

Poor quality, or lackluster, or boring, or lame, or so-on, photos harm your products and business more than you realize.

Your product photos should do the selling for you.

The visual content your audience sees should create some sort of innate desire for them.

Whether you want them to immediately be able to picture their upcoming beach vacation, and how confident and fun and fresh they’ll feel when they slip on your jewelry, or your embroidered hat, or the colorful sarong that’ll make ’em feel like a million bucks.

That natural boost of energy without the huge caffeine crash that your teas provide? That jumping-for-joy-at-3-pm during their usual middle of the afternoon slump… that feeling, you know? Your content needs to immediately create this effect for them.

It’s your job to create that desire.

(Actually, it’s your job to design and create the products and be that brilliant product-maker you are. It’s our job to create and sell the desire, but that’s a point for another time.)

If you aren’t showcasing your products in the very best light, how can you expect your customer’s to see how great they actually are?

Make The Most of Abandoned Cart Funnels

Head into your Shopify dashboard and review your conversion rates from Q1.

Chances are, there’s lots of improvement to be had between your “Added to Cart” sessions and your actual “Sessions Converted.”

Before you start beating yourself up here and wondering why people “don’t like your products,” that has more to say on your sales funnels than your products themselves.

Secondly, people are busy! You know this.

The dog needs let out. The kids interrupted or woke up or got hurt and mom’s quiet time was immediately and suddenly over. The kettle is done brewing. The timer went off and they’re about to burn dinner if they don’t put the iPad down right that very second and run to the oven.

Things happen. Distractions come a’calling. Carts get abandonded.

We finish our work day. We have dinner, we clean up, we put the kids to bed. We forgot.

It didn’t mean we didn’t want, or still don’t want, that product.

And without a strong abandoned cart funnel, you’re simply leaving money on the table.

Whether you use Klaviyo, Mailchimp, or Flodesk even, for your e-commerce email marketing, an abandoned cart email sequence should be top priority for you AND is something that can easily and simply be set up in half a day.

Set up your email sequence before the end of this month and watch that “sessions converted” rate begin to rise. Cha-ching!

Alright, go forth and prioritize (abandoned carts, photos, content), update (homepage), and conquer!

Implement these three simple tips to increase your e-commerce sales and have a fantasssttiiicc Q2!

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