When you made the commitment

October 6, 2021

you have to actually follow through on said commitment.

Something we all know, something very few of us seem to practice these days.

What if we fully committed? What if we showed up in the way that we actually dream of showing up? What if we didn’t let the exhaustion, the over-and-under-whelmedness (that’s definitely a word, okay?), the lack of visible, big progress, the monotony derail us?

I’m afraid we’re coming non-commital humans.

There’s most definitely a lot going on in the world right now. There’s almost every reason under the hot, modern, blazing sun to blow ‘it’ off, to flake, to stop showing up for whatever it is we wanted to show up for in the first place, but where is that getting any of us?

What if we actually followed through on everything we commit to for an entire year?

What if you only commit to the things that actually, truly mattered? To the things worth committing to for an entire year?

I don’t wanna be a flaky human. Do you?

10/5/2021 (happy birthday amanda!)

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