Why you NEED to up your holiday photo game this year

November 9, 2017


Yo, honey, time is tickin’ and it’s practically Thanksgiving next week, so I’m just going to dive right in okay? Let’s go, here it is, listen up –

You NEED good, high-quality holiday photos this year. Like you need them as much as you need all of the new Magnolia Market for Target line.

As a business owner who’s hip and with it and marketing your business digitally, your photos are everything. Let’s sound it out like they used to make us do when we were little and learning to read… EV-ER-Y-THING (it’s a good thing I’m not a reading teacher cause I have no idea if that’s the correct pronunciation breakage up thing but anyways, moving right along…).

Every Instagram post, every Facebook post, every newsletter you send out is, technically, a little mini ad for your business. If you’re borrowing photos from other businesses, or if you’re totally ignoring the holiday season, you’re doing a disservice to your biz.

You have badass products. You have incredible, awesomesauce items that would make the best gifts. You have good stuff in your shop! You gotta show that off properly, honey child. Heres the truth, we are now used to seeing insanely beautiful, styled photos of every single thing everywhere we look. Even the Thanksgiving ham at the grocery store this year is going to be beautifully styled and photographed and will be on a big shiny sign when you walk into the store. And guess what? It’s going to get your attention. You’re going to start imagining your holiday table looking just like that, with your happy family eating the delicious meal you spent hours in the kitchen preparing. You’ll forget that Sally doesn’t like sweet potatoes and Bob prefers turkey over ham and why is the pumpkin pie always so slimy looking? And then you’ll place that ham in its tight, shiny plastic wrapping in your cart and carry on your shopping with visions of your warm and joyful Thanksgiving meal at home.

You had all of these thoughts, all of these visions, all of these decisions practically already made for you, because of that beautifully styled photo of that dang ham. Yup, it’s true.

High quality, on brand imagery is a necessity these days. Do you realize that you see everything in this world with your eyeballs first? I mean, duh, I know, but think about it – you see first, think and envision immediately after. If you come across an okay photo of an okay product, then you’re probably going to see it and move right along. Not much follow up thinking and envisioning to do there. Too boring of an image, too boring of a product, right? But if your big beautiful eyeballs come across a gift guide that has been photographed in a high-quality, relatable but still #goals (can’t believe I just wrote #goals), manner, then let the thinking and envisioning begin.

You can’t afford to slack off on your holiday content and images this year. Ya just can’t, friend.

Peep below for a few ideas of how you can use custom, high-quality holiday images to rock the socks off of your holiday selling season this year. It’s all about creating the follow up thinking + envisioning for your customers. How can you quickly and seamlessly transport them into the world of your products and your business with your holiday photos this year?

See what I mean? Simple yet high-quality photos can get your customer into the holiday spirit quicker than it takes to set the smoke alarm off on Thanksgiving day. The imagery you put out there speaks volumes about your business. Make sure it’s shouting off what you want it to say.


To help you along this year, here are a few free holiday photos for you, you hard working biz owner! Cause seriously, I want to help you make this your best holiday season ever. Just pop your email in below and you’ll receive a follow-up email with your free photos ASAP.


If you’re not into the whole custom photography thing, then check out my girl Kate Max Stock. She’ll be rolling out her new 2017 holiday collection soon and it’s goooood, y’all. Perfect for newsletter one-offs and social posts!

And if you’re ready to do the dang thing – and by that I mean if you’re ready to chat about custom photography for your holiday season – then run over to the Holiday Minis for Small Business page or just shoot me an email and let’s get to chattin’.

Until next time,


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