I Don’t Give a #!%98! About Your Hashtag Strategy

October 16, 2020

Because hashtags. don’t. freaking. matter.

I care deeply about your heart of why, about the way that you speak to your customers, about the place where your heart intersects with your customer’s heart.

I care wildly about the true connections that you’re making within your business, with your peers and with your customers and clients. I care about the way YOU feel about your brand, your marketing efforts, and most importantly, your message, your reason, your rhythm.

I care intensely about marketing from a place of deep empathy and purpose. I care about you really living out your values and your dream life and your ideal day and your ideal business.

When your heart lights up and dances through your chest in excitement – because finally, finally, FINALLY you’re speaking your truth and your brand is becoming the best, most true version of itself at long last – I care about THAT.

When you’re so super crystal clear on your own vision, your own message, your own marketing strategy, that the cloudiness that fogged your brain for so long and the competition stalking you always did suddenly vanish – I care about THAT.

The best hashtags? I could not care any less about the hashtags you use on Instagram. Honest truth.

Your hashtags aren’t going to convert your audience. Your audience isn’t going to convert if you’re not living out your own true HeartMap. Your audience, quite frankly, doesn’t even give a flip about you if you aren’t speaking to them directly, in a way that hits them in THEIR heart, in a way that focuses on THEM, with empathy and purpose.

No amount of ‘right’ hashtags will fix your foundational problems.

Please, for the love your business, stop focusing on silly ‘hashtag strategies’ and other ‘marketing hacks’ that are, in reality, just a bunch of B.S. that you’re letting distract you on the daily.

You don’t need better hashtags, or to constantly research the best time to post on Instagram every day, or to google ‘how to tiktok’ every other week.

You need to get beyond clear on your heart of why.

You need to deeply understand your customer’s heart AND your own.

You need to determine your biz’s personal HeartMap.

You need to know your true brand positioning and messaging strategy inside and out. You need to IMPLEMENT your messaging strategy. You need to focus on your brand positioning. Every single day. Over and over again. Consistently. With true empathy and purpose. THAT’s how you’ll create connections and conversions.

Forget the #besthashtags until you’ve figured out the above.

With so much love in my heart for all you small business owners,

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