The Live More, Scroll Less Summer Pledge

June 11, 2018

We’ve got ice cream to eat (anyone else strictly a vanilla fan?!), cool water to swim in, adventures and late night heart-to-hearts to be had, early morning coffees on the porch, lightning bug marvels, qualities to be discovered, and a summer to be lived.

We’ve got to live more and scroll less this summer.

In this world where we’re constantly scrolling, always bombarded with new information, our hearts are tired and our eyeballs are strained. Our souls are begging for more space – space to explore our interests outside of a screen, space to hear the wind rustle through the trees and space to feel the shift in our mood as we catch the way the summer sun dances off the walls of our homes in the evening.

There is truly no time like the summer time in our year long adventures throughout this thing we call life. No time to feel like a kid again as you get an ice cream cone on a random Tuesday evening, no time to feel as lighthearted and joyful as now.

Don’t waste this summer by spending the majority of your minutes on a phone or a computer or a tablet, scrolling mindlessly until you eventually get bored and flip to the next screen, where Netflix awaits you with welcome arms. Don’t give it the chance to ask if you’re still watching. Come live this summer with me, off of your screens, away from the scrolling.

Take the easiest, and most fun, pledge you’ll ever take, and I’ll hold you accountable to living more and scrolling less this summer.

Your pledge is below – I told you it was easy, right? Pledge to live your life, this one you have right now, this summer. Pledge to TRULY live it, to get off of your phones at least one day every week this summer, to truly experience this joyful season before it’s gone for another year again. 


Cowabunga (did anyone else yell that out as they cannonballed into the pool every summer? no? just me? oh goodness.)! If you have a pull to take this summer pledge, may I suggest that you listen to that little pull for once? Don’t discredit it. Don’t think you’re okay doing this all on your own. Don’t think your devices aren’t controlling your life more than you think they are (they really, really are).

Simply take the Live More, Scroll Less Summer Pledge and invite some goodness into your coming weeks this summer – I’ll send you an email each week, or hey, maybe every other week cause after all, I’ve got to live more and scroll less too, with fun summer things and treats and inspiration and goodies (ooh the suspense!) and a short love note from the heart, all encouraging you and reminding you of the pledge you took to truly live your life this summer, free of machines and noise and unnecessary distractions.

This pledge could change your summer. It could alter the boring, burnt out course you’re on and send you shooting in the direction you’ve been meant to go in this entire time, but been too busy scrolling to realize. Heck, this pledge could change your whole entire life. Think I’m exaggerating? I’ll bet you an orange creamsicle I’m not.

Make space for some magic this summer. Run with glistening eyes and a wild, eager heart towards the good things in this life. Watch how your soul starts to feel lighter and your purpose clear. Make space to live more, scroll less. Take the pledge by entering your name and email address below. And get that orange creamsicle ready.

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