June Inspiration Calendar

June 1, 2018


Helllllloooo, beautiful, mighty, wondrous June!

It’s a bit crazy that June is already here, don’t you think? I’m not exactly the best at math, but I think that means the year is almost halfway over. WHAT?! Insane in the membrane.

I don’t know about you, but I really love June. Like I kind of adore it, actually. There’s something in the air, besides heat and humidity.

Whether you’re feeling rejuvenated and reenergized in your business this time of the year or are ready to just shut down that computer and hit the beach already (strawberry daiquiri, anyone?), the below June inspiration calendar is here to help keep you on track with your social media marketing throughout the month. Because between summer parties and all the other things to do, we could all use a little bit of accountability, right?

My hope is that this calendar inspires you with ten fresh ideas and helps take away some of that dread that can come with opening up Instagram and having nothing to post, yet feeling like you should post – which, by the way, you never should post just for posting sakes. Always be intentional. 

While this calendar is created with Instagram in mind, it can be adapted to work with Facebook and even your email newsletters as well. Get creative, lean into your brand and business, and let the June inspiration calendar help guide you along this month.


 Right click on the calendar to download a desktop version.

Right click on the calendar to download a desktop version.

You’ll notice a couple of nods to the Live More, Scroll Less summer pledge, and may find yourselves thinking “what the heck is she talking about?”

I’m so excited to share this summer mission of mine with you guys (find out a smidge more about it here!) and will be releasing more info as we all get closer to June 12th, but in the meantime hang tight, look for little sneaky previews of what’s to come on Insta, and join me on June 12th as we take the pledge that could potentially change our entire lives. A bit bold, no? But it’s true!

Let me know if you’re loving the June inspiration calendar over on Instagram – I’ll be doing it with you over at @verbhousecreative!

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