Digital Marketing Strategies for Product Businesses: Proof to Product Podcast

June 20, 2019

Heyyyyooooo pal-olas!

Let’s use our imaginations for a minute and remember waaaay back when podcasts didn’t exist. Almost seems like the dinosaur ages, huh?

I’m pretty obsessed with podcasts these days and can’t get enough of ‘em – all biz and no play though, don’t send me any of those weird creepy crime ones, okay?

I’ve worked with many amazing clientfriends who have all had one thing in common – they all sing the praises of Katie Hunt from Proof to Product, and for good reason. Katie is a pure DELIGHT.

Katie and I finally got to sit down together and chat about digital marketing strategies for product based businesses for her popular podcast, Proof to Product, and it was SO MUCH FUN! I loved getting to talk with Katie and could have done it all dang day long.

But alas, we didn’t get to talk all day long and these things must be condensed (unless you’re Tim Ferriss who hosts literally hourssssss long podcast episodes – go on with your bad self, Tim), so give yourself a smidgen bit of time and listen to my podcast episode with Katie right on over here.

The below bit of info I’ve borrowed from the Proof to Product blog post, but listen in to the episode and you’ll hear all about:

  • The difference between social marketing and digital marketing (I feel STRONGLY about this one, y’all)

  • How I got started with my marketing career

  • Common misconceptions product based business owners have about creating and executing a marketing plan

  • The benefits of getting an outsider’s perspective

  • Advice for handling marketing logistics

  • How I help clients transform their businesses

  • Simple steps and tips you can implement in your business today

  • The importance of knowing your audience and product cycles and avoiding “vanity metrics”

  • How having a family has changed my approach to business

  • The Bespoke Content Club and what’s coming up next for Verb House Creative (!! eep !!)

Katie and her awesomesauce team even put together some key take-aways for you peeps, so if you’re more then the reading type than the listening type, here you go, my lovely, all the quotes from this episode you could possibly ever desire!

“I wish I could tell everybody in every industry in the world, try to pick the channel that’s gonna be best for you. Is it gonna be Facebook or is it gonna Pinterest?”  – ALLIE MORRIS NUTE

“It’s really key to get some outside help, because marketing is hard, it is paralyzing and you have a million other things to do, but this really has to get done.” – ALLIE MORRIS NUTE  

“We can undersell ourselves, or undersell our successes we’ve had, but somebody coming from the outside can take a look at the bigger picture and bring a unique perspective to it.” – KATIE HUNT

“Too many people are trying to do too many things.” – KATIE HUNT

“We all feel like we are really, really busy, and that’s because we are. But if you don’t sit down to actually make time for strategic marketing, it’s just not gonna get done.” – ALLIE MORRIS NUTE

“We can tell if a brand or retailer is just sending out emails just because they feel like they need to hit that certain mark, or if they’re really taking the time to create content that we really care about and that their customer really cares about.” – ALLIE MORRIS NUTE

“I’m a firm believer that it takes a solid, good two to three months to really see the effects of good marketing, good content and good strategy.” –  ALLIE MORRIS NUTE

“I wanna make sure that we’re a good fit in terms of how this person’s fitting in with the group but also that their business is at a point where they’ll be able to really, truly leverage the group and all that we’re doing to enhance their business.” – KATIE HUNT

“When you’re a small business owner it’s not just your business, you are so wrapped up in your business, and your business is so wrapped up in every other aspect of your life, it really extends to everything.” –  ALLIE MORRIS NUTE

And with that last quote, I’m gonna end it on that.

But one quick note of love, if you are indeed a small business owner and you’re feeling all kinds of wrapped up in your business right now, know that I SEE YOU. Well, I’m not peeping in your window right now seeing you, but I see that overwhelm and that frustration and that confusion and how freaking hard you’re working. I see it and I salute you and I know it’s not easy. But! BUT! The mountain your climbing is yours for the taking. Don’t doubt that for a second. I believe in you, truly. And I’m here for you however I can be, k? Don’t forget that, you badass you.

That’s all! Until next time. 🙂

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