It’s Small Business Week!

May 4, 2016

Happy National Small Business week! 

If there’s one thing I’m crazy passionate about, it’s small businesses. To me, they absolutely fuel this world. The U.S. economy may agree with me too, considering more than half of American’s either own or work for a small business and 2 out of every 3 new jobs created in the U.S. each year are by small businesses. That’s some impact, y’all.  

National Small Business Week has been around since 1963 and each year the U.S. Small Business Association dedicates one full week to raising awareness for and promoting small businesses, as well as recognizing several outstanding small businesses around the country. 

Verb House Creative exists because of and for small businesses. There is SO much I love about small businesses and small business owners and Verb House was created to be the right hand woman to those incredible forces of inspiration, determination, and grit out there.

If you’re out there making your neighborhood or town a more unique place, if you’re providing an incredible service or product that literally no one else has thought of before, if you wake up thinking about your business and fall asleep thinking and thanking about it, then I salute you, and I’m proud of you and I’m inspired by you. I’m celebrating all of you small businesses each and every single day, but especially so this week. 

I’ve put together a small list of some of my favorite small businesses from around the country. I could have made this list about a thousand times longer but today we’ll stick with my absolute favorites and those that I’ve been aware of the longest.

Take a look at this pretty inspiring list below and let me know your what your favorite small business is in the comments! Like if you know the best online shop to get the cutest fringe earrings, then girl you better let me know… Don’t hold out on me now!

Thimblepress – Okay, I just love Thimblepress. Colorful, kind, AND super fun? Yes, please. Thimblepress was created in 2011 by Kristen Ley and I’ve had a crush on this adorable paper goods and product company ever since. I mean, they created PUSH POP CONFETTI (here you go, take a look) for Pete’s sake! AND Kristen owns two Goldendoodles. I think she’s my long lost BFF.

Sylvester & Co. – A ‘modern general’ store with locations in the Hampton’s and Savannah, GA, Sylvester’s does everything right. I had the incredible pleasure of working at the Savannah store and had the opportunity to visit and work at the Hampton’s store over Labor Day weekend one year (which was amazing!). I pretty much owe my love affair with retail and small businesses to Sylvester’s. Fun fact that many miss: Sylvester & Co. has the best coffee. The best. I actually first learned to love coffee while working at Sylvester’s. Do yourself a favor and go order a bag ASAP! 


Asha Patel Designs – I met Asha through a previous job and immediately knew I had just met a kindred spirit. She creates seriously gorgeous jewelry and I am lucky enough to have several pieces (one that I wear daily!). This bracelet is my current fave. I now count Asha among one of my good friends (today is actually her birthday – happy birthday Asha!) and am proud of the waves she’s making in the jewelry design world and am so excited for the new pieces she has in the works. 

Modern Burlap – Modern Burlap is the brain child of a friend and client, Samantha. Samantha amazes me each day with her savvy business skills and her desire to really and truly make the world around her a more peaceful and beautiful space. She started Modern Burlap two years ago and has since seen jaw dropping success. Sometimes I’ll be scrolling Instagram and randomly come across one of her blankets (like on Holy City Chic’s post the other day, for example) and each time I feel a surge of pride for Samantha and Modern Burlap. What a legacy she is building, and all while remaining faithful, kind, and grateful. Lessons to be learned from her, my friends.

The Balanced Life – The Balanced Life is all about balance. Sure, it’s ran by an adorable mama of two who happens to be a pilates instructor, and the sisterhood is based around exclusive workouts, recipes, and more, but Robin preaches balance in all areas of life. And she walks the walk too. If you aren’t already following or keeping up with TBL, do so ASAP. Robin will inject your daily life with a fresh dose of energy and help get your abs into shape, too. Win win. 


Leif – I’ve been a longtime fan of Leif for a crazy long time. Everything the shop owner, Stacy, buys for this perfectly quirky online shop is just spot on. From the home goods to the jewelry to the artwork (this print please!), each item in the Leif shop feels one of a kind and perfectly sourced just for you. It’s been fun watching Leif grow in merchandise and popularity over the years. I’m a very proud onlooker and customer!


Amy’s Ice Creams – What, you thought I would make this entire list and not include a restaurant of some sort?! If you’re familiar with Austin then you know Amy’s. For the girl who’s not too crazy about ice cream, Amy’s I can get crazy about. That Mexican Vanilla? Worth the stomach ache! I’ve tried several ‘Mexican Vanillas’ since first discovering Amy’s Ice Cream’s years ago and let me tell you, no one makes a Mexican Vanilla like Amy’s, I promise. With twelve locations around Austin, I think my favorite is definitely their little South Congress hut. There’s something about the best ice cream in town that pairs perfectly with a walk around SoCo. Try it next time you’re in Austin!


Like I said, I could keep going on this list but hopefully you’ve learned of a few new small businesses and will have fun exploring and supporting them in the days, months and years to come! Don’t forget to let me know your favorites in the comments below!

Until next time,

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