3 Reasons You Can’t Ignore Social Media As A Small Biz Owner

May 25, 2016

Hello compadres! If you’re doing it right (and ‘right’ varies by industry, company, and brand), the potentials of social media marketing are limitless. Today we’re diving right in and discussing the top 3 reasons why leveraging social media as a small business owner is a non negotiable these days. 



1.) FREE MARKETING – Let’s be real, everyone loves something free. And when that something carries the potential for millions of dollars in growth, thousands of new customers and clients, and brand awareness that you used to have to pay thousands in a print ad for, then this (basically) free tool of social media is a no brainer. With that being said, just because the platform in which your marketing is hosted on is free or requires minimal dollar bills, doesn’t mean you can afford to not put time, thought and money into your content on each platform. I will actually stress and believe that the financial resources previously used for traditional marketing should be put forth now to hiring and paying for the top photographers, copy writers, content creators and social media managers (*insert shameless self promotion here, aka Verb House*) that your small biz can afford. When you invest in your content your reach on these various free platforms only increases. It’s a win-win and at a small price to pay. No brainer #1.

2.) YOU ARE WHERE YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE – Where else than on social media can you interact directly with your customers by the minute? No where. By having an active presence on social media, it’s almost effortless for businesses to create relationships with their best customers and any potential customers. The amount of brand loyalty that is built through providing your followers with engaging and interesting content, open conversations, quick attention and response to any issues or complaints, and even fun sneak peeks behind your business is invaluable. To try to do this kind of relationship building in person with each customer would be impossible. Plus, the insights and market research into your customers frustrations and needs are right there in front of you. For example, one of my current clients runs an extremely successful business with numerous products, yet they were all in the same product category. The extremely loyal customers of this business would often post photos of said business’s products, yet would repurpose the product in an entirely different way than the original intended use. This was HUGE insight for my client to realize that there was a need and a large desire for her to branch out and create an entirely different product than her original. She is launching the new product today and the commotion and feedback around the launch has been SO loud. I am confident she will sell out quickly, which is always a good problem to have. But would she have been able to take the risk of a new product line had she not been engaging with her customers by the hour on social media? Maybe, but maybe not. The power of being where your customers are is a luxury that any business owner knows to take advantage of.

3.) YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO – Many social media sites are quickly replacing Google as the go-to search engine. I cannot tell you how many friends I have who turn to social media when researching a new company or product they’re interested in. The first inclination is to look up said company on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. If the ‘search results’ return a lackluster or infrequently updated account, trust between the brand and the consumer is immediately lost. First impressions are everything and if there is one reason for harnessing the powers of social media, this one should be it. Don’t lose out on thousands of potential new clients or sales because you have yet to get your social media marketing into gear. The time to act is now, my friends.

No matter what niche or industry you may be in, there is a place on social media for you. And it could be a big, big, BIG place. Your growth on social media, and consequently, within your business is up to you. You can go as big as you want or as small as you want, but you can’t afford to not go anywhere.

If the thought of doing it all alone overwhelms you, then shoot me a note at allie@verbhousecreative.com and we’ll talk!

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