How Yellow Co. Is The Queen Of Content Marketing

April 5, 2016

You guuuyyyssss! It’s time for another lesson on how to kick content marketing bum. 

In this post we went over the basics of content marketing & why it’s so gosh darn important for brands these days, with a quick look at how Anthropologie uses content marketing to establish relationships with their audiences across their various social platforms. We’re about to dive a little bit deeper today by dissecting what Yellow Co. is up to. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Yellow Co., then sit down and make yourself comfy because I’m about to introduce you to one of the best brands out there for a number of reasons and I can guarantee you that you’re going to want to spend hours over on their blog pretty soon. But first, why they’re awesome, in their own words:

Yellow Co. exists to gather and equip creative women to use their passion, strengths, and influence to serve the greater good.  We empower creative women through our … annual conference | community | and a variety of digital content to read, learn from, and listen to.”

Essentially Yellow Co. is a two day conference out of LA. They technically could just drop it there. They could focus on building out the very best two day conference ever, putting together the coolest swag bags around, focus on marketing the conference and the speakers and those swag bags a bit, and then focus on collecting those sales. But they’re much wiser than that. They know that the buying process has changed and that they must create ways to engage with their customers and earn sales through content marketing, hence The Yellow Blog.

Yellow Co.’s blog is a rockstar saleswoman for their annual conference, their community, and their overall mission. 

By publishing several well thought out and relative blog posts a week, i.e content, Yellow Co. has been able to grab ahold of their readers and their skeptics and turn those individuals into raving fans and the loudest cheerleaders for their brand out there.  They know their girl inside and out, they know what she struggles with and what she’s aiming towards, they know she may be a bit sensitive and is filled with a fiery passion for her calling, and they gear all of their content marketing towards empowering her. A few recent bomb-diggity blog posts of Yellow’s include:

An introduction to their Quarter 2 theme:
They hit their girl right in the gut here with honesty that they know she can’t resist. What if this was your first visit to the Yellow blog? If you’re in the market for a community like Yellow, then I bet you’ll be coming back to their blog after one look at this article. 

7 Ways To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed:
Again, they’re on top of their target market. They understand that their various homegirls are tired, are overwhelmed with running their businesses, are a bit frustrated with feeling like they have no time. They know this article will be of use and of great importance to them. It’s not full of fluff or empty words; it’s crafted with thought and intention and seven actually helpful tips. 

Eight Steps to Freelance Dreams:
In this post they focus their attention on those that aren’t yet pursuing their own business full time just yet, again painting a picture of clearly knowing their audience. There may be some readers that are thinking of attending the Yellow Conference but are a bit unsure because they think it’s only geared towards full time dream chasers. Yellow shows they get it and they’re in their corner cheering them on with this post. 

Podcasts To Keep You Company On Your Commute:
One of our favorite reasons to follow brands and their blogs is for all of the cool stuff we know they’ll introduce us to that we most likely wouldn’t have discovered on our own. Yellow does that all the time, with this extensive list of podcasts as a great example. They’ve done all of the research, sifted through the gazillions of podcasts out there, and picked the best ones to keep us company on our commute for us. That’s a win win for their readers and a smart way to provide content that feels almost tangible.

Just from these four post examples it’s probably easy to see that The Yellow Blog is a wealth of information and a hub for creative go-getters. Imagine if you visit this blog weekly, look forward to each new post, and always take away a ton of useful tips just how incredible their actual conference would be for you? Chances are at some point throughout your blog browsing, whether it occurred on visit four to the blog or after reading it for an entire year, you became sold on attending the conference. Yellow can attribute that ticket sale to their superb content marketing.

If you’re thinking all of this must take so much time, you’re absolutely right. A ton of effort? Yep, of course. A lot of research and planning? Without a doubt. But it’s about creating a true relationship with your audience, selling to who matters, and creating lifelong fans. And those fans? They’ll sell your business for you, and they’ll most likely point those they’re talking to you about right back to your blog, or to your Instagram account, or to your website, or to wherever you produce the best content. So let’s make sure those are all worthy of singing your praise together, shall we?

Until next time,

  1. Wow thank you SOO much for featuring us!! What an honor it is to be included on your blog. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

    • Allie Morris Nute says:

      Ah hi Joanna! Y’all are simply the best & I look forward to your emails each week letting me know what the new blog post is about. Keep being amazing and hopefully I’ll see you in LA soon!

  2. Sally Kim says:

    This totally blessed my heart! Thank you for loving on our blog! We feel so honored xoxo
    Sally Kim

    • Allie Morris Nute says:

      So glad to hear you liked the post, Sally! Y’all absolutely bless many hearts daily & you may be the best content manager out there!

  3. Michelle says:

    SO TRUE! They are the queen! I was a reader/subscriber and they turned me into a huge cheerleader! Now I am flying out to the conference in August and taking two friends with me. I also wrote a piece for their blog and plan to continue to do that in the future. Way to go Yellow!

    • Allie Morris Nute says:

      Hi Michelle! Right?! I am all about EVERYTHING Yellow does! I am so jealous you’re heading to the conference this summer. I’ve wanted to attend the last three years but have somehow had a wedding each weekend. Crazy! Also, I love your website and the mission (and logo) behind The Bravery Board. Cheers to thriving!

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